Rotary Switch

Series Series Photo Positions Operating direction Changeover angle Number of poles Rating (max.) Automotive Catalog NET SHOP
SRBD SRBD Heavy-torque Feel, Low-profile Type SRBD Series 10 Vertical 36° 1-pole 1mA 5V DC
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SRBQ SRBQ 9-positions Low-profile Vertical Type SRBQ Series 9 Vertical 40±3° 1-pole 0.1A 16V DC
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SRBM SRBM 6-positions Horizontal Type SRBM Series 2 to 6
20 pulses
Horizontal Rotary 30±3°
Pulse 18±3°
1/2-poles 0.1A 16V DC
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SRBV SRBV 8-positions Low-profile Vertical Type SRBV Series 3 to 8 Vertical 30±3° 1-pole 0.3A 16V DC
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SRRM SRRM 12-positions General-purpose Vertical Type SRRM Series 3 to 6
12 (Endless)
Vertical 30±3° 1 to 4-poles 0.25A 30V DC
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