Communication Module

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Communication Module

Communication Module

The CASE trends – connected cars, autonomous driving, sharing and services, and electric vehicles – are vital to the evolution of next-generation automobiles. Essential to the connectivity element will be wireless communication technology. Drawing on its many years of RF expertise and past experience supporting bands in the several MHz to millimeter wave ranges, Alps Alpine is contributing through the commercialization of products, from a wireless LAN/Bluetooth® module for in-vehicle communication to 5G/LTE and V2X modules for communicating with the outside, and a GNSS module required for ascertaining current position. We will continue to deliver total solutions for automotive wireless communication.

List of Varieties
  • GNSS Module

  • Bluetooth® Module

  • Wireless LAN/
    Combination Module

  • DSRC (IEEE802.11p) V2X Communication Module for Automotive Use

  • Cellular V2X Communication Module for Automotive Use

  • Automotive Selection