Travel 1.5mm
Actuator directions Horizontal
Actuator thickness 1.1mm
Poles 1
Positions 2
Operating force Refer to the dimensions
Changeover timing Not specified
Ground terminal With
Soldering Reflow
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +85℃
Rating (max.)/(min.) (Resistive load) 0.3A 5V DC/50µA 3V DC
Electrical performance Contact resistance
(Initial performance/After lifetime)
70mΩ max./130mΩ max.
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. 100V DC
Voltage proof 100V AC for 1 minute
Mechanical performance Terminal strength 3N for 1 minute
Actuator strength Operating direction 10N
Pulling direction 10N
Durability Operating life without load 10,000 cycles 100mΩ max.
Operating life with load
(at max. rated load)
10,000 cycles 130mΩ max.
Environmental performance Cold -40℃ 500h
Dry heat 85℃ 500h
Damp heat 60℃, 90 to 95%RH 500h
Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 4,500
Export 18,000


Slide Switch

Land Dimensions

Slide Switch
Viewed from direction A in the dimensions.

Circuit Diagram

Slide Switch

Packing Specifications


Number of packages (pcs.) 1 reel 4,500
1 case / Japan 9,000
1 case / export packing 18,000
Reel width W(mm) 17.4
Tape width (mm) 16
Export package measurements (mm) 417×409×139

Soldering Conditions

Example of Reflow Soldering Condition
1. Heating method
Double heating method with infrared heater.
2. Temperature measurement
Thermocouple 0.1 to 0.2 Φ CA (K) or CC (T) at soldering portion (copper foil surface). A heat resisting tape should be used for fixed measurement.
3. Temperature profile
3s max.

(1) The condition mentioned above is the temperature on the mounting surface of a PC board. There are cases where the PC board's temperature greatly differs from that of the switch, depending on the PC board's material, size, thickness, etc. The above-stated conditions shall also apply to switch surface temperatures.
(2) Soldering conditions differ depending on reflow soldering machines. Prior verification of soldering condition is highly recommended.

Reference for Hand Soldering
Soldering temperature330±5℃
Soldering time3s max.

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