Water-proof Type (with Built-in Detector Switches) SDKR Series

For power resume in main power auto shut down. compact and composite type suitable for AC and DC.

Power Switch
Product Line
Part number Photo Type Circuit arrangement Travel Operating force Mounting method NET SHOP 3D CAD RoHS
SDKRA10100 Power Switch Push SPST 1.5mm 2.5±1.5N PC board     rohs
Notes are common to this series/models
  1. This site catalog shows only outline specifications. When using the products, please obtain formal specifications for supply.
  2. This unit cannot be used in water.
  3. Depending on loading conditions, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and moisture may be generated due to ark occurring at opening and closure. Because of NOx and humid, nitric acid (NHO3) is generated, causing corrosion of metal inside switch as well as functional failure. Please use contact protection circuit (ark suppressing circuit) or design a unit circuit such as ark is reduced when circuit opens.
  4. Please place purchase orders per minimum order unit (integer).