Water-proof Type (Surface Mount) SPVQC Series

Surface mount two-pole simultaneous changeover switch achievingstable contact

Detector Switch
Product Line
Part number Photo Poles Positions Changeover timing Operation part shape Terminal type Operating force NET SHOP 3D CAD RoHS
SPVQC10201 Detector Switch 2 2 Non shorting Push For PC board (Reflow) 1±0.5N     rohs
Notes are common to this series/models
  1. This site catalog shows only outline specifications. When using the products, please obtain formal specifications for supply.
  2. This unit cannnot be used in water (IP67 rating, except for terminal).
  3. Please place purchase orders per minimum order unit (integer).
  4. This products can be used in vehicles.
    Although these products are designed to perform over a wide operating temperature range, please ensure that you receive and read the formal delivery specifications before use.