Mounting method Reflow type (Long-life)
Total resistance 3.3kΩ
Effective electrical angle 80°
Linearity guarantee range 60°
Linearity ±3%
Hollow shaft variation φ3.5
Operating life 10,000,000 cycles
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +120℃
Mechanical performance Rotational torque 2mN・m max.
Electrical performance Total resistance tolerance ±30%
Rated voltage 5V DC
Environmental test Cold -40℃ 168h
Dry heat 120℃ 168h
Damp heat 60℃, 90 to 95%RH 96h
Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 1,960
Export 1,960


Resistive Position Sensors

Mounting Hole Dimensions

Resistive Position Sensors
Viewed from mounting side

Circuit Diagram

Resistive Position Sensors


Resistive Position Sensors

Packing Specification

Number of packages (pcs.) 1 case / Japan 1,960
1 case / export packing 1,960
Export package measurements (mm) 300×240×270

Soldering Conditions

Example of Reflow Soldering Condition
1. Cleaning
Cleaning should not be attempted.
2. Type of solder to be used
Use cream solder that contains 10 to 15 %wt flux.
3. Number of solder applications
apply solder only once.
4. Recommended reflow conditions
ABCDEFGHINo. of reflows
255℃230℃---2 min.10s1 min.4 min.1 time

(1) When using an infrared reflow oven, solder may not always be applied as intended.
Be sure to use a hot air reflow oven or a type that uses infrared rays in combination with hot air.
(2) The temperatures given above are the maximum temperatures at the terminals of the sensor when employing a hot air reflow method. The temperature of the PC board and the surface temperature of the sensor may vary greatly depending on the PC board material, its size and thickness. Ensure that the surface temperature of the sensor does not rise to 250℃ or greater.
(3) Conditions vary to some extent depending on the type of reflow bath used. Be sure to give due consideration to this prior to use.

Reference for Hand Soldering
Tip temperature350±5℃
Soldering time3(+1, 0)s

Notes are common to this series/models.

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