Type Surface mount
Operating force 4-direction 1.23N
Center push 2.35N
Travel 4-direction 0.25mm
Center push 0.15mm
Operating life
(5mA 5V DC)
200,000 cycles for each direction
Initial contact resistance 500mΩ max.
Stem color Black
Guide bosses With
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +85℃
Ratings (max.)/(min.) (Resistive load) 50mA 12V DC/10µA 1V DC
Electrical performance Directional resolution 4-direction
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. 100V DC
Voltage proof 100V AC for 1 minute
Mechanical performance Directional operating force 1.23±0.69N
Push operating force 2.35±0.69N
Actuator strength Operating direction 29.4N
Durability Operating life Center push 200,000 cycles
Environmental performance Cold -40℃ 96h
Dry heat 90℃ 96h
Damp heat 60℃, 90 to 95%RH 96h
Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 1,300
Export 1,300


Switch Type Multi Control Device

Land Dimensions

Switch Type Multi Control Device
Viewed from mounting face

Circuit Diagram

Switch Type Multi Control Device

Packing Specifications


Number of packages (pcs.) 1 reel 1,300
1 case / Japan 10,400
1 case / export packing 10,400
Tape width (mm) 16
Export package measurements (mm) 401×401×214

Soldering Condition

Example of Reflow Soldering Condition
1. Heating method:
Double heating method with infrared heater.
2. Temperature measurement:
Thermocouple 0.1 to 0.2 Φ CA (K) or CC (T) at solder joints (copper foil surface). A heat resisting tape should be used to fix thermocouple.
3. Temperature profile
ABCDEFGHINo. of reflows
260℃230℃180℃150℃2 min.--40s-1 time

(1) The condition mentioned above is the temperature on the mounting surface of a PC board. There are cases where the PC board's temperature greatly differs from that of the switch, depending on the PC board's material, size, thickness, etc. The above-stated conditions shall also apply to switch surface temperatures.
(2) Soldering conditions differ depending on reflow soldering machines. Prior verification of soldering condition is highly recommended.

Reference for Hand Soldering
Tip temperature350±5℃
Soldering time3s max.
No. of solders1 time

Notes are common to this series/models.

  1. This site catalog shows only outline specifications. When using the products, please obtain formal specifications for supply.
  2. 4-directional operating force and travel are measured at 4.3mm height from the bottom of the switch.
  3. Please place purchase orders for taping products per minimum order unit (1 reel or a case).