Number of operating shafts Single-shaft
Shaft material Metal
Lever return mechanism With
Potentiometer part Maximum operating voltage 50V AC, 5V DC
Operating angle 60±6°
Resistance taper B (0B)
Total resistance 10kΩ
Operating life 100,000cycles
Center push part Center push Without
Operating temperature range -10℃ to +70℃
Electrical performance Directional resolution Continuous
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. 250V DC
Voltage proof 250V AC for 1 minute
Rated power 0.0125W
Slider noise 300mV p-p max. by JIS method
Mechanical performance Directional operating force 6±4mN·m
Lever return precision ±5°
Actuator strength Push/pull directions 50N min. (Push/Pull)
Operating direction 0.3N·m
Durability Operating life Directions 100,000 cycles
Environmental performance Cold -30℃ 96h
Dry heat 80℃ 96h
Damp heat 60℃, 90 to 95%RH 96h
Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 500
Export 1,000


Potentiometer Type Multi Control Device

Mounting Hole Dimensions

Potentiometer Type Multi Control Device
Viewed from mounting side.

Packing Specifications

Number of packages (pcs.) 1 case / Japan 500
1 case / export packing 1,000
Export package measurements (mm) 540×373×225

Soldering Conditions

Reference for Dip Soldering
PreheatingSoldering surface temperature90 to 100℃
Heating time45s max.
Dip solderingSoldering temperature260℃
Soldering time5s
No. of solders1 time

Reference for Hand Soldering
Tip temperature350℃max.
Soldering time3s max.
No. of solders1 time

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