1. Connector hamdling precautions.
  (1) Safeguard the connector assembly against flux penetration from its top side.
  (2) This product is designed on the assumption that they will not be washed after soldering. If you wash it, it may be cause deterioration of mechanically and electrically. if washing is necessary, please make contact with us beforehand.
  2. When soldering terminals, there is a danger that load placed on the terminals may cause rattle, deformation or electrical degradation to occur depending on the conditions. Caution is therefore required.
  3. When soldering, do not use water soluble flux because this may corrode the product.
  4. regarding the setting of reflow conditions, please confirm them with the actual mass production conditions.
  5. As P.W.B. warping may alter characteristics, please tale this into consideration when designing pattern and layout.
  6. Please do not solder at the ejector pushing position.
  7. To prevent contact disturbance by the sulfuration or oxidation of the contact and terminal. and deterioration of solder ability by thin film on the terminal, please note following.
  ・Storage in the atmosphere of high temperature at 60 degrees or more, high humidity, corrosive gases such as sulfur or chlorinate gas, and excessive piling up of the carton boxes shall be avoided.
  ・Connectors shall be stored as the package not opened and in the normal temperature and normal humidity, and the connectors shall be used preferably within 3 months, at least within 6 months.
  ・When the connectors are stored after opening the package, the connectors shall be sealed with a polyethylene bag etc. and stored in dark and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight. Bag etc. and stored in dark and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight. The connectors shall be used as soon as possible.
  8. Don't push or hold down the metal cover of the connector, otherwise there is a possibolity that the card would not be ejected or influences to other function.
  9. Please attention following items to prevent connector from miss operation, such as bounding caused by ON/OFF switching and chattering by vibration.
  ・Repeated reading/writing.
  ・Establish delay time-recommended 400msec min.
  ・Establish CR accumulation circuit.
  10. This product does not operate normally when the card which does not conform to the specification is used occasionally.