Development Kit for Easy Proof of Concept

Sensor Network Module

Bring Your Idea to Life

Proof of Concept (PoC) is…

…the verification of issues and the effectiveness of improvement measures through demonstration testing

Problems with Conventional PoC

Costly, seemingly complex and time-consuming

We supply modules equipped with the communication technology and sensors required for proof of concept, as well as a smartphone app. This enables easy confirmation of sensing data, dramatically reducing the cost of proof of concept and the time it takes.

A business idea but no design expertise...
Customization is costly and takes too much times...
Where do we gofor assistance?
Complex procedures make it hard to reach a conclusion...

Development Kit for Easy Proof of Concept
Bring Your Idea to Life with a Sensor Network Module


● All in One type that starts just by turning on
● Easy data checking with a supplied app for Android smartphones
● Contains 7 high-precision sensors of the most-used types

● Battery life: Approx. 1 year (at 1 measurement/min.)
● Compatible with Toshiba ifLink*
*ifLink is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation. See website for details.

Comprehensive support is available right up to IoT deployment, not just Proof of Concept

So far we have teamed up with 800 companies in diverse markets, assisting each step of the way based on a wealth of experience.

Please Read Before Use

The Sensor Network Module is not a final product intended for use in the eventual application environment. Once you have finished verifying a business idea after carrying out proof of concept using Sensor Network Modules containing the required sensors, we can work with you to configure a package with the required sensors and communication features. When the criteria are met, we advance to mass production.

Examples of IoT Deployment Based on Sensor Network Modules

Software Downloads and Manuals

Android smartphone software download

This product comes with an evaluation app and an app and source code for developers. Please download the software you require.
*Prior to downloading, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions.

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