Frequently Asked Questions


What Devices and OS are supported?

Nexus5、OS version Android 5.0.1 and Nexus 6P on Android 6.0.
For other Devices and OS, due to differences in layout and versions, there is a possibility that the Bluetooth® low energy communication may not work properly.
iOS development is under investigation.

 Support is not available for Devices / OS that are not supported.

Issues with installing the application

Please refer to the User Manual P.4.

Please check the security settings.

 Confirm the settings to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Issues with finding the Modules on the Scan page.

Please ensure the battery is inserted correctly.

 Please refer to the Start-up Guide P.21.  ! If the Module cannot be turned on, there is a possibility that the battery insertion is incorrect.

Please ensure the power switch is set to ON.

 Please refer to the Start-up Guide P.10.

Please see if the currently inserted battery is drained.

 Please insert a new battery and see if this resolves the issue. Please refer to the Start-up Guide P.21.

There is a possibility that Bluetooth® low energy from other devices are interfering.

 Please execute the Scan again. This may take some time.

Does the Device support Bluetooth® low energy.

 Please ensure that the Device you are using supports Bluetooth® low energy or Bluetooth® Smart Ready.

Is the product in sleep mode.

 Please turn the product off and on again.

Please ensure GPS is set to ON.

 In case of Android 6.0 or later version, disabling GPS function kills all BLE functionality. Thus, please turn on GPS function in such case.

Issues with connection.

Is it possible that the Module is already connected to another Device.

Is the Device pairing enabled?

 Please ensure that Bluetooth® pairing settings are enabled.

Issues where connection I frequently interrupted.

Please check the surrounding environment. The field intensity is weaker where there is metal near the Module.

 Please check the product set-up and change conditions where necessary.

Issues where the graph is not displayed.

Where 「SYNC TIMESTAMP」 is not selected, the Module and Device time does not synchronize and the Graph is not displayed.

 Please refer to the User Manual P.13.

Issues where the Beacon data is not updated.

Depending on the Android Device and OS version used, the Beacon data may have issues.

 Confirmed device is Nexus5 (OS: Android 5.0.1) and Nexus 6P (Android 6.0).

Issues where the battery consumption is fast.

The amount and frequency of data measured affects the power consumption.

 Please refer to the Start-up Guide P.22.

Issues where 「ACCEL WAKE」 is not performed.

The threshold settings may not be correct.

 Please refer to the Command Guide P.18.

Issues where the battery value does not change.

The battery value updates in 「READ SETTING」. This does not update automatically.

Where is the Log file saved to?

In the Internal Storage of the Device being used, a file called ALPS ALPINE Sensor GRAPH is created with the saved log data.

Issues with interruption.

The communication speed may be affected by the Device being used, or it may be that the amount of data being measured/ collected is too great.

 Please ensure appropriate settings and intervals to resolve this issue.

Issues where the measurement is OFF but data collection continues.

This is normal operation.
In the case where he measurement intervals are shorter than the communication intervals in the Bluetooth® low energy, the data is buffered and sent in order of collection until the buffer is empty.


What sensors are in the module.

Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Temperature/ Humidity, Pressure and UV/ Ambient Light.

 Please refer to the Start-up Guide P.6.

What is the minimum sensor sampling interval.

Accelerometer & Geo-magnetic sensors are 10ms, other sensors are 100ms.

 Please refer to the User Manual P.12. The Device used will also affect this.

Does the Module have a data filtering function.

No, the Module does not have a digital filtering function.


Data is not transmitted.

Please ensure 「MEASURE ON」 was pressed and started.

 Please refer to the User Manual P.14.

Issues where the selected sensor data is not collected.

Please ensure the sensors have not been switched off in the application.

 Please refer to the User Manual P.10.

How to convert received data to numerical values.

Please refer to the conversion formula and the packet format of the description in the command guide.

 Please refer to the Command Guide P.37.

Accelerometer: Cannot receive data.

Since acceleration signal is generated in a very short time, please try to shorten the sampling interval.

Accelerometer: Z value stays at -1 even in Horizontal axis.

In normal operation, the gravitational acceleration is -1G.

 Please refer to the Start-up Guide P.7.

Geo-magnetic Sensor: Is there 3 axis calibration.

There is no calibration function. Please set on the application side (customer needs to develop).

Geo-magnetic Sensor: Data is unstable.

Please check to see if there is metal or power lines nearby. Sensor characteristics are impacted and react to metal and magnetic fields.

Geo-magnetic Sensor: Is orientation available.

Unfortunately no. Please calculate from the acquired geomagnetic data.

Pressure Sensor: Data is unstable.

There may be some wind / turbulence near the hole gathering the air pressure data.

 Please ensure the Module is not exposed to direct wind/ turbulence.

UV/ Light Sensor: Data does not change.

Is the light for the UV/ Ambient light blocked or shut out.

 Please refer to the Start-up Guide P.7.

Temp/ Humidity Sensor: Data is unstable.

When there is direct sunlight the temperature rises and the humidity is also affected.

 If you want to measure the exact temperature and humidity, please use the Module in an environment that is not hit by direct sunlight.


Issues where commands cannot be received.

Can multiple commands be sent in parallel.

 Please write 1 command per 1 characteristic per packet.

Please ensure the sending order is correct.

 Issues Read command to try to ensure that it is set up correctly.

To set 「Notify」 to 「Enable」, transmission permission is required.

Application and Source Code for Developers

What is the operation environment for the Application and Source Code for Developers.

Alps Alpine confirmed with Nexus5 on Android 5.0.1 or Nexus6P on Android 6.0

 However we do not warranty or guarantee the operation.

What is the development environment for the Application and Source Code for Developers.

Android Studio.

There is no graph function in the Application and Source Code for Developers.

Is there a plan to support Android 4.4.

Unfortunately no.


The sensor seems to have malfunctioned. Can it be replaced.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions outlined on the site where purchased. Other forms of compensation will not be undertaken separately by Alps Alpine.

What is the warranty period?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions outlined on the site where purchased. Other forms of compensation will not be undertaken separately by Alps Alpine.

Can other sensors be added/ used?

This is custom request, and please contact your local representative for details.

What is the transmission distance.

It depends on the environment. However, where there is not interference or obstruction, about 30m, and about 10m in a normal working environment.

How many Modules can connect to a single Device.

Depends on the capability of the Device being used.

 For Alps Alpine, the Nexus 5 &6P could connect to 4 Modules.

Is this dust and/ or water resistant.

For Pressure and Humidity sensors, a small hole is required, so please keep this in mind when designing.

What is the Bluetooth® low energy profile being used.

Alps Alpine original profile.

Can the module be used outside the case?

This use case is not supported by Alps Alpine.

What Radio Law Certification is available.

Complies with the following in Japan.

>> TELEC Certification Number: 011-140056

Can this be used overseas?

If you'd like to use it outside Japan, please contact our sales.

About Bluetooth® Certification.

The product has the certification in areas mentioned above, so no need for the customer to re-apply.

About Bluetooth® Product Registration.

If you want to create a Bluetooth® product incorporating the present product, product registration is mandated.


What is the Wireless Communication used in the Sensor Network Module.

Bluetooth® low energy is used.

What is Bluetooth® low energy.

Short range wireless communication standard in Bluetooth®, with a strong focus on low energy.
Classic and Smart are not compatible.

What is Classic Bluetooth®?

Standard from Bluetooth® 3.0 onwards.

What is the difference between Classic and Smart Bluetooth®?

Products with the mark to show applicable to Bluetooth® low energy
Classic and Low energy are not compatible.

What Devices are applicable with Bluetooth® Smart Ready.

Products with the mark to show applicable to Bluetooth® low energy.