What is the sampling time of a sensor?

The time that a sensor is measuring a given physical quantity

Do sensors have an end of life?

Please refer to testing conditions and time under information on testing in specifications for each sensor.

What is the signal format for digital sensors?

I2C. Only pressure sensors also support SPI.

Explain the operating principle of a magnetic sensor.

Our magnetic sensors make use of magnetoresistance effects. A magnetoresistive film can basically be divided into three layers – free, spacer and pinned layers. Resistance changes with the angle of the free layer relative to the pinned layer. Resistance is at its lowest when the angle is the same, at its highest when the layers face in opposite directions. Our magnetic sensors make use of these characteristics.

What are characteristic features of Alps Alpine magnetic sensors?

Low distortion and low variation

What is the difference between a MR sensor and a Hall sensor?

The orientation of the target magnetic field is different. When the respective components are surface mounted, a Hall sensor detects magnetic fields perpendicular to the surface it is mounted to, whereas a MR sensor detects parallel magnetic fields. For that reason, the relative positioning of magnets and sensors also differs.

What is variable pitch (pitch free) in the context of magnetic sensors?

For ordinary encoders, the magnet's magnetization pitch and the sensor pitch have to be aligned, but a product supporting variable pitch is not dependent on the magnetization pitch.

What is switching output in the context of magnetic sensors?

"Switching output" sensors are what Alps Alpine calls magnetic sensors that produce an "on" or "off" output depending on the strength of a magnetic field.

What is the output waveform of an incremental encoder in the context of magnetic sensors?

A square wave of voltage. A square wave is a waveform that alternates regularly and instantaneously between two levels – a high and a low voltage.

What magnetic field does a magnetic sensor with analog output of rotation measure?

The field at the center of the sensor, but this varies with each product. Please check the datasheet for details.

What are the magnetic field sensitivity and output–magnetic flux density (magnetic field strength) characteristics of a magnetic sensor?

They vary with each product. Please check the datasheet for details.

What is the startup time after power is supplied for open-closed switching output products? [HGDVST series]

Startup time is typically around 16 μsec and up to a maximum 100μsec.