What function do Alps Alpine spring contacts perform?

Spring contacts are electrical contacts with spring characteristics. Other names for them include shield fingers and grounding springs.

Are they like switches that close (let current flow) when pushed?

They are connecting components. Current flows when the contact on the top touches the other contact.

Are they like bumpers that cushion impacts?

They do not cushion impacts and therefore cannot be used under heavy loads. They work by following vibrations to maintain the contact point.

Why do they have a spiral shape?

It gives them a floating structure, meaning the contact part of the spring contact stays with the other contact even when there are vibrations or impacts along the x-y axis.

Are there any restrictions on the type of surface they make contact with?

We recommend that the surface of the other contact is also gold-plated. Using any other, dissimilar metal may lead to galvanic corrosion.

Are there any restrictions on how spring contacts are arranged?

Please ensure a minimum 1.7mm pitch between spring contacts. There are no other restrictions.

What material are they made of?

Copper alloy.

How many amperes can flow through them?

One spring contact allows a 3A current through. However, please give thought to heat dissipation in board design.

What end products are they used in?

They are used in products with limited board space, such as smartphones, wearable electronics and headsets.