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Compact Solderless Waterproof Detector Switch SPVQ8 Series

Short fork terminal for a 25% thinner design


  • Use of double-sided sliding contact ensures stable contact even in shock and vibration environments
  • Allows environmentally friendly solderless connections
  • IP67-equivalent dust and water resistance


  • Mechanical opening and closing detection for automobile
  • ・Hood latch ・Side door ・Slide door

Typical Specifications

Items Specifications
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +85℃
Operating force 1±0.5N
Operating life 300,000 cycles
Travel 2.2mm
Rating (max./min.) 0.1A 12V DC / 50μA 5V DC


Compact Solderless Waterproof Detector Switch SPVQ8 Series

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