A Source of Integration Synergy

Innovating Value in the Automotive Domain

Drawing on Integration Synergies to
Create New Value

Formed through business integration in January 2019, Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. has plans to evolve into an “Innovative T-shaped Company” by combining the strengths of both Alps and Alpine. Synergies will be achieved in a wide range of business areas by merging the vertical "I" of Alps Company, furthering possibilities with core devices to enhance product competitiveness, with the horizontal "I" of Alpine Company, integrating a broad range of devices and technologies as systems.

An illustration of the potential for synergies is the automobile cockpit we exhibited at CEATEC 2019 and Tokyo Motor Show 2019 demonstrating Alps Alpine’s concept of a “Seamless Smart Mobility Solution.” The integration of Alps and Alpine opens up a host of new possibilities within the automotive domain encompassing components and devices through to units and OEM products, as well as systems and services.

More on the business integration

Furthering the Pursuit of Core Devices

Human-machine interface (HMI) devices, or the input and control domain where Alps Alpine enjoys competitive strengths, will play a role in determining how mobility spaces of a new age will feel and function. Painstakingly attending to even the finer needs, we seek not only to enhance operability, but also to realize a premium feel that upholds our brand image. Features incorporated into Alps Alpine’s latest cockpit include a proposal combining printed wood-grain textures with capacitive stealth switches, and HAPTIC™ technology that provides flexibility in generation of operating feel.

Design Know-how that Delivers
Premium Quality and Comfort

Sophisticated design expertise for creating cabin environments of premium quality and user interface design capabilities based on seasoned knowledge relating to feel have been refined through our development of modules, units and OEM products for automakers around the world, as well as a diverse range of Alpine brand aftermarket products. Know-how about harnessing the functions of individual components to elicit quality feel and operability manifests as Premium HMI.

System Solutions

Alps Alpine is drawing on technology accumulated by Alpine in the automotive infotainment business to advance development of cloud-linked systems and services. Embracing CASE domains, the demonstration introduces a number of areas of technological development contributing to seamless mobility from prior to departure through to post-arrival. We are also pursuing development of technology for the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) domain, such as digital keys based on blockchain technology and a recommendation engine that presents suggestions based on user preferences.