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HAPTIC™ Reactor

More than 200 Million Units Sold – Outstanding Vibrational Feel for Games, VR, Cars, and More

People of All Generations
Know the Feeling

As a vibrational feedback device with a simple drive mechanism, HAPTIC™ Reactor has been adopted by customers the world over. Since the very first one was incorporated into an Alpine PulseTouch™ navigation system in 2004, they have been employed in game consoles of leading brands plus an array of other products including virtual and augmented reality devices, automobiles, mobile phones and healthcare devices. Cumulative shipments to 2020 exceed 200 million units with people of all ages and backgrounds having encountered their feel.

Among the various devices on the market, HAPTIC™ Reactor is what is known as a linear resonant actuator (LRA). In keeping with the word resonant, HAPTIC™ Reactor employs a spring resonance structure created with original technology. It works according to principles of electromagnetic induction. A current passing through an oscillator, with a spring resonance structure, magnetizes it, creating vibrations. It needs only a simple drive circuit and assists size reductions. Advanced expertise acquired by Alps Alpine over many years in fields such as precision processing, magnetic design and electrical design were applied to create a compact device compatible with diverse configurations of feel.

The current product lineup consists of the Hybrid Tough Type, with two resonance points for generating diverse vibrational sensations, and the recently developed powerful Heavy Type, with one resonance point. Select the type that best suits your requirements.

Two Resonance Points for Diverse,
Realistic Vibrations

Use of vibrations to realistically recreate diverse sensations. Among all the tactile sensation devices on offer, the HAPTIC™ Reactor Hybrid Tough Type with two resonance points stands out with features representative of Alps Alpine. In contrast with earlier LRAs (linear vibrators) and eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motors that only perform simple vibrations along a single axis, the Hybrid Tough Type has vibrational freedom along two axes, enabling realistic recreation of even complex waveforms.

And because there are two resonance points – 320Hz and 160Hz – the frequency range where sensations can be achieved is two to three times broader than for other LRAs. This outstanding capacity for expression lets us to satisfy customer requirements for all manner of devices, including game consoles and VR controllers.

All-Round Enhanced Functionality, Including Circuit Design Ease

Structure Hybrid Tough Type
Vibration frequency 160Hz(Low)
Vibration force 29.4m/s^2(3G) at 160Hz
22.3m/s^2(2.28G) at 320Hz
DC resistance 8Ω±10%
Drive voltage 3V(1V min~3.3V max.)
Operating temperature -40 to +85°C

The HAPTIC™ Reactor Hybrid Tough Type has all-round enhanced functionality in anticipation of integration into a host of different devices. Vibration response speed is under 1ms, much faster than ERM motors, which typically have a response speed of least 10ms. This allows for generation of sharp, clear sensations. Voltage settings are easy to work with in applications from consumer products to automotive electronics. Additions like booster circuits are not required, accommodating concerns about the noise reduction hassle and cost associated with power supply regulation. Compactness is also achieved because of the original spring resonance structure, supporting incorporation into equipment.

New Development: One Resonance Point for a Powerful Vibration Force

To provide for increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs, Alps Alpine developed the HAPTIC™ Reactor Heavy Type. The Heavy Type, pending patent for an original structure, has a single resonance point and achieves compact size alongside a 15G excitation force, among the most powerful on the market. The resonant frequency is 130Hz and use is envisaged within a broad frequency range between 100Hz and 700Hz.

In today’s automotive market, fresh focus is placed on use of the tactile sense to deliver control feedback to drivers. The HAPTIC™ Reactor Heavy Type is able to convey a clear tactile feel to the user’s fingertips even through a large touch display. Building the device into not only touch pads, touch screens and door trims, but also seats, for example, makes it possible to deliver wide-ranging, clear feedback using vibrations. Targeting different domains from the Hybrid Tough Type, with two resonance points, the product is scheduled to move into mass production in autumn 2020.

Structure Heavy Type
Vibration frequency 130Hz
Vibration force 147m/s^2 (15G)
DC resistance 10.2Ω±10% (at 20°C)
Drive voltage 6Vp-p
Operating temperature -40 to +85°C

Teaming Up with Driver IC Manufacturers to Provide Optimal Support

Alps Alpine is bolstering support for HAPTIC™ Reactor to put customers’ minds at ease. First, we tap our own expertise to provide advice on technical aspects to do with integrating the device, as well as simulations to help determine the vibrations and mounting configuration. We also work closely with driver IC manufacturers Cirrus Logic, Dialog Semiconductor and Dongwoon Anatech in attending to the finer details of each case. For example, they use information we provide to create vibration patterns to meet your requirements. You tell us what you need.

Two resonance points for diverse expression, one resonance point for power…
With superior vibrations and enhanced all-round capabilities, Alps Alpine’s HAPTIC™ Reactor lineup will initiate value for all kinds of devices in markets extending from gaming and virtual reality through to automobiles.