HAPTIC™ encapsulates

Alps Alpine’s exploration

of “feel” over nearly

50 years

Mechanical components were the gateway for Alps Alpine’s dedicated pursuit of feel creation over almost half a century.

A wealth of know-how encompassing feeling curves, force feedback and affective engineering research and HAPTIC™ products giving form to that expertise now have an established presence in diverse markets spanning automobiles to consumer electronics. We explain the HAPTIC™ advantage and the creativity underlying the technology.

# 1

HMI – Feel Expertise Comes to Life

How a control device feels influences
how we view the brand.

The Alps Alpine “feel” is all around.

HAPTIC™ brings our feel expertise to life.

As the 5G era takes hold, HAPTIC™ will meet growing needs for feel.

# 2

HAPTIC™ History and Deployment

Alps Alpine’s HAPTIC™ offerings
enjoys a rich history and extensive deployment.

Nearly 50 years exploring the essence
of human-machine interfaces.

And 20 years refining force feedback technology.

HAPTIC™ delivered
the world’s first tactile sensation device for automobiles.

More than 100 million units have been shipped as of 2020.