Internet of Things

To Be a Solutions Provider for
IoT Development

Alps Alpine is pursuing a number of initiatives in anticipation of an IoT age when new value will be generated through accumulation and application of data from all kinds of network-connected items. We provide sensors for detecting parameters like air pressure, temperature and humidity, and geomagnetism, and Bluetooth® modules for sending and receiving that data, while also supporting communication via LPWA networks. We also engage in solutions business involving provision of systems and services in addition to development of the equipment. Adopting an open innovation approach encompassing collaboration with partners in a variety fields, Alps Alpine will put forward IoT solutions that only we can deliver.

  • Logistics Solutions

    A solution using IoT technology to aid efficiency improvements in logistics operations by preventing loss and overconcentration of pallets and roll cages. A Logistics Asset Management System developed through partnership with Sigfox S.A. combines low-power wide area (LPWA) communication and Wi-Fi® with long-term continuous duty logistics tracking devices and other technology to realize 10 years of operation without charging. It even allows indoor tracking, which had been difficult to achieve with GPS communication.

  • Worker Condition Monitoring Solution

    For manufacturing or other industrial operations where lowering occupational risks is an outstanding challenge, Alps Alpine has teamed up with Shimabun Corporation to create a Worker Condition Monitoring System. Workers’ helmets are fitted with sensors that monitor their activity and changes in health condition. They link to a cloud environment, enabling early discovery of and response to abnormalities. Data is accumulated and applied to assist in safety management.