Home & Mobile

Extensive Product Variety Infused
with Core Technology Excellence

Alps Alpine creates many different components for applications such as home appliances, audio-visual equipment, mobile devices and game consoles, helping to bring greater comfort and convenience into people’s lives. The lineup of high-quality products offers incredible variety.

The quality and functionality of our products are underpinned by technical capabilities established over many years, including in the areas of mechanical design and precision mold processing. We also possess high-sensitivity capacitive technology, and force feedback technology for flexible re-creation of diverse sensations. Armed with product development prowess drawing on core technologies, plus a reliable production structure, Alps Alpine swiftly attends to wide-ranging needs.

  • Home Appliances & Audio-Visual Equipment

    Home appliances and audio-visual equipment were the initial applications for Alps Company’s electronic components. Alps Alpine’s lineup includes a diverse range of switches and potentiometers, sensors of various types, and communication modules. Incorporating advanced core technologies in the fields of human-machine interfaces (HMI), sensing and connectivity, and elemental technologies, our products boast excellent functionality and quality. We also approach new domains expected to stimulate the market, like artificial intelligence and smart homes.

  • Mobile Devices

    Alps Alpine creates such diverse products as input and control devices and sensing devices for mobile equipment like smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs, headsets and wearable electronics. We also address growing market needs for heightened and multiple functionality; for example, switches offering enhanced dust and water resistance. And we actively work to develop new products and technologies, such as foldable touch panel sensors.

  • Gaming

    Alps Alpine supplies products essential for game consoles, such as switches, joysticks and potentiometers, and different kinds of sensors. Our HAPTIC™ Reactor vibrational feedback devices based on proprietary technology employ an innovative new structure to realistically re-create diverse sensations, meeting demand for greater sophistication. We also undertake product development for new domains – virtual reality, augmented reality and e-sports.