Alps Alpine Mobility Solutions Infusing Fresh Joy
into the Driving Experience

Tokyo Motor Show 2019 will be held from October 24 to November 4 at Tokyo Big Sight and the Odaiba Area. The recently integrated Alps Alpine is going to present unique initiatives that will help shape future mobility. Come and experience our latest solutions fusing together the core devices expertise of Alps Company – edging ever closer to perfecting the art of electronics – with Alpine Company’s system design and software development capabilities.


  • Seamless Smart Mobility Solution


Smart Evolution of Mobility Even Beyond the Drive

A once-in-a-century major transformation is gathering momentum in the world of automobiles as industry players increasingly embrace the CASE domains – connected cars, autonomous driving, sharing and services, and electric vehicles – and the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) concept for new transport services. Alps Alpine draws on the strengths of both Alps and Alpine, each possessing extensive experience and know-how in this area, to refine an original Seamless Smart Mobility Solution.

The concept here is to imbue the mobility experience with yet more comfort and enjoyment, even before and after the drive. The solution combines a variety of features and service concepts, including Smart Entry for advanced car share booking and entry using digital keys based on blockchain technology; a Recommendation Engine that identifies and suggests a drive plan matching user preferences; Driver Monitoring, turning the cabin into a place of relaxation while in self-drive mode; Premium HMI (human-machine interface) technology that brings comfort and class into the vehicle cabin; and Support on Arrival to facilitate the remainder of the journey after the drive.

At Tokyo Motor Show 2019, an automobile cockpit will demonstrate the solution. Come and encounter numerous examples of truly remarkable innovation.

Ongoing Commitment to Detail in Impressive Sound Creation

A special booth will give visitors to Tokyo Motor Show 2019 first-hand experience of our latest Premium Sound technology alongside a cutting-edge Smart Amplifier and Layout-Flexible Speakers. With unwavering attention to the fine points, Alps Alpine creates sound with the power to impress, eliciting every detail from the essence of the artist’s message in their music, to the reverberation or merely just the hint of sound. With technologies such as a Full Digital system, hi-res audio and an advanced power IC, we pursue all avenues to moving people on the inside.

Name​ The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019​
Duration​ Oct. 24th (Thu.) – Nov. 4th (Mon.), 2019​
Venue​ Tokyo Big Sight​
Booth Location Parts, Machinery and Tools / West Exhibition 4 (W4104)​