IoT & 5G Solutions Expo

Alps Alpine will participate in the IoT & 5G Solutions Expo to be held in Tokyo in April 2022, and Nagoya in July 2022.
This event has been closed at Tokyo venue. Thank you for your visit.

Exhibit Outline

Exhibition Tokyo: IoT & 5G Solutions Expo Spring / Nagoya: IoT & 5G Solutions Expo
Dates Tokyo: April 6 – 8, 2022
Nagoya: July 27 – 29, 2022
Venue Tokyo: Tokyo Big Sight
Nagoya: Portmesse Nagoya (Nagoya International Exhibition Hall)
Booth Location Tokyo: E40-34
Nagoya: 3-9


5G Communication Device

Accelerating the shift to a 5G-connected society

We will introduce an Alps Alpine 5G Communication Device incorporating expertise accumulated over the years by our team of RF experts through product development in the automotive domain. Contributing to a connected society, the 5G Communication Device demonstrates robustness with a long life and resistance to heat, humidity and vibrations to enable stable connectivity even in the tough operating environments envisaged as use cases for local 5G, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and smart factories and cities.

Analog Meter Monitoring System

Helping to reduce the workload of analog meter inspections

Retrofittable to existing analog meters, this system enables remote monitoring of meter readings. Movements of meter pointers are measured magnetically. The system allows remote meter monitoring and administration, doing away with fixed-point observation work. Offering better energy and space efficiency than camera-based systems, as well as outstanding environmental resistance, it is easily retrofitted to existing equipment. Less of a burden on workers and fewer reading and transcription errors support efforts to improve operational efficiency while creating accurate records. A mass-produced model will also be on display.


Addressing society’s needs with non-contact input solutions

Developed on the back of Alps Alpine expertise with capacitive technology, AirInput™ supports both touch and touchless control with a single sensor. Combined with an intuitive user interface, constant tracking of fingers in space as they operate a device enables fast mid-air input and control without input errors. Retaining the same outward design attributes as conventional touch panels for ease of input even without making contact, AirInput™ provides hygiene and other benefits attending to more recent user input needs in environments where they either do not want to touch or are unable to touch (for example, due to wearing gloves) the control device. Come and experience the technology first-hand.