Alps Alpine Mobility and IoT Solutions Enhanced
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Thank you for your visit to ALPSALPINE booth in CEATEC 2019.

Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. exhibited at CEATEC 2019 and presented ways that its latest automotive technologies and IoT solutions can help realize a “Connecting Society, Co-Creating the Future.”

At CEATEC 2019, Alps Alpine was introducing a number of initiatives directed at CASE domains, representing current major technology trends, as well as Premium HMI technology that creates new value in the form of comfort and convenience within the cabin interior of next-generation automobiles, and the latest applications within IoT market.


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  • Connected Vehicle Solution

  • Aspherical Glass Lenses for Automotive Use

  • High-Precision Rotary Angle/Stroke Detection Sensors

  • Incremental Output Sensors

  • DC-DC Converter

  • Remote Monitoring System for Shared Cars

  • Digital Key System Using Blockchain Technology

  • Remote Monitoring System for Logistics

  • Predictive Maintenance Solution

  • Overhead Ground Wire Automated Tracking and Inspection System

  • Aspherical Glass Lenses

  • Thermal Transfer Printing Decoration and High-Sensitivity Capacitive Sensing Technology

  • Haptic™ Reactor and Analog Push Devices


Pickup Products

Seamless Smart Mobility Solution Cockpit Demonstration

This new solution anticipates vehicles being connected to all manner of items using 5G technology. Ease and comfort are delivered throughout the mobility experience even before and after the drive – besides seamless connection to a wide range of services relevant to automobiles, every effort has been made to create a comfortable space inside the cabin, for example through operability enhancements and encapsulation of a premium feel.

Recommendation Engine

Before leaving home, users simply set their destination on a smartphone to bring up suggested routes, places to stop at along the way and accommodation based on their preferences and history. Selected plans will be downloaded to the vehicle, allowing them to reach their destination in comfort and without stress.

Set a destination to call up a suggested drive plan based on user preferences and history

Selected plan data is automatically relayed to the car and displayed on the front display

Digital Key Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchains, with a proven track record as a basic virtual currency technology, are applied here to digital keys for locking and unlocking cars and homes. Authentication data is stored on multiple computers scattered around the world. This form of decentralized management removes the need for configuration of designated servers, enabling secure yet low-cost system operation. One service envisaged as part of the next-generation style of mobility is the dispatch of self-driving shared cars to users’ homes to pick them up. The digital keys can be transferred to users from a remote location and integration of Alps Alpine’s communication and capacitive technology allows car doors to be unlocked and opened automatically simply by touching the door while in possession of an authorized smartphone.

A car key (authorization) is remotely received from the shared car owner

While holding an authorized smartphone, the user only needs to bring their hand close to the handle to open the door automatically

Premium HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces)

Features of the cockpit include proposals combining capacitive stealth switches based on Alps Alpine’s high-precision capacitive technology with decorative printing for re-creating textures such as wood grain and metal, as well as HAPTIC™ technology that conveys diverse kinds of operating feel to the user’s hand using vibrations. These HMI offerings enhance comfort inside the space of the cabin interior in terms of both operability and premium feel.

High-precision capacitive sensors accurately detect where fingers touch for intuitive HVAC and volume control

Diverse feedback created with HAPTIC™ technology allows operation of various controls with a single knob

Exhibit Outline

Exhibition CEATEC 2019
Dates October 15 – 18, 2019
Venue Makuhari Messe (Chiba, Chiba Prefecture)
Booth location H006 (Devices & Technologies Area)


  • ∙ Seamless Smart Mobility Solution Cockpit Demonstration (New)
  • ∙ Digital Key Using Blockchain Technology
  • ∙ Remote Monitoring System for Shared Cars (New)
  • ∙ Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (eSound)
  • ∙ Connected Vehicle Solution
  • ∙ DC-DC Converter
  • ∙ Magnetic Sensors for Automotive Use
  • ∙ Aspherical Glass Lenses

<Premium HMI>

  • ∙ Smart Amplifier (New)
  • ∙ Layout-Flexible Speakers (New)
  • ∙ Decorative Printing with Capacitive Sensing
  • ∙ HAPTIC™


  • ∙ Remote Monitoring System for Logistics
  • ∙ Worker Condition Monitoring System for Helmets
  • ∙ Analog Meter Remote Monitoring System
  • ∙ Predictive maintenance Solution
  • ∙ Overhead Ground Wire Automated Tracking and Inspection System
  • ∙ Sensing & Control Devices for Drones