Original Products and Materials to
Address Power Electronics Issues

Interest in the energy field is on the rise due to a combination of social issues, such as growing reliance on electric power and information, the need to lower environmental impact, and calls for sustainability. Alps Alpine develops advanced power electronics products helping to achieve additional efficiency and effectiveness of energy utilization. They include power conversion modules achieving both compactness and high efficiency, and inverters and converters for a wide range of purposes. We also develop current sensors employing an original high-precision magnetic element. These can be used in all kinds of equipment and devices, including storage batteries, solar power systems and electric vehicle charging systems.

  • Liqualloy™ Magnetic Material

    Liqualloy™, the magnetic metal material developed by Alps Alpine, plays a vital role in our energy-related business. It is an amorphous alloy with a supercooled liquid region offering the advantages of low core loss, high saturation flux density and stable properties even in high-temperature environments. Power inductors and toroidal coils employing Liqualloy™ reduce losses during power conversion and also contribute to smaller devices. They have been deployed in a broad range of markets, including smartphones, servers and automobiles.

  • Power Conversion Modules

    Power electronics are essential for energy storage systems, power conditioners for solar power generation and vehicle-to-home power systems. Alps Alpine’s power conversion modules achieve conversion efficiency of at least 95% using coils that employ original magnetic material Liqualloy™ along with SiC MOSFETs possessing excellent switching characteristics. We provide the market with a stable supply of products that retain a high level of efficiency while representing size and weight reductions.