Alps Alpine Integrates Strengths to
Deliver Diverse Proposals

Autonomous driving and electrification of vehicles exemplify the progress made by the automotive industry in commercially implementing CASE domains while exploring new mobility services. Emerging from the integration of two companies each possessing extensive experience and know-how, Alps Alpine characteristically develops products in-house for diverse layers of business, from components to units, OEM products and systems, through to services.

Expertise built up over many years permeates all our automotive products. It encompasses core devices technology, such as human-machine interfaces (HMI) that deliver the ultimate in feeling and functionality, sensors representing the automobile’s nervous system, and communication technology for connected cars; as well as outstanding system design and software development capabilities within sound, visual and infotainment domains.

  • Devices

    Alps Alpine deploys a broad lineup of general components supporting electronic vehicle control and directs effort into developing core technologies that will help enable CASE applications and Premium HMI offerings that add value to the cabin interior. For example, we supply a diverse variety of sensors to meet status detection needs; communication modules incorporating radio expertise and protocol software development capabilities; high-efficiency devices for electric vehicles; and input devices as applications of force feedback and capacitive technology.
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  • Units & OEM Products

    Alps Alpine has also developed a large number of unit products that are fine-tuned through close coordination with manufacturers. The diverse lineup, which includes electronic shifters and remote keyless entry systems, contributes to enhanced vehicle driving performance, comfort and safety. Additionally, we supply numerous OEM products to automakers worldwide, drawing on Alpine Company’s infotainment system know-how. Our sound systems, navigation products and displays for premium cars have been well received by the market, even earning recognition in the form of supplier awards.

  • Systems & Services

    Tapping system and service design capabilities of Alpine Company augmented through the development of products like navigation systems, Alps Alpine is picking up the pace of initiatives to fuse hardware and software and to develop original services in keeping with major shifts occurring in the automotive industry. Besides system proposals founded upon a strong familiarity with devices, we are pushing solutions for the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) domain, including digital keys based on blockchain technology and remote monitoring systems that heighten the convenience of shared cars and corporate fleets. We will put forward solutions that seamlessly encompass entire mobility lifestyles, even before and after people travel.